Does Galan not use Willpower

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Hi all. So I'm reading Galan's abilities and I don't see anything that prevents him from regening off willpower mastery. I am running the "suicide" masteries and he isn't regening at all. Just constantly taking degen. I know Willpower doesn't work on Robots, but I don't see the tag of Robot on him. AM I missing something?

Edit: I made a video of what I'm talking about.

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  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 2,364 ★★★★★
    Did you turn off willpower for Eop warlock fight?
  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 2,952 ★★★★★
    Gmonkey said:

    Did you turn off willpower for Eop warlock fight?

    They show it’s on in the video

  • baskinrobbinsknowsbaskinrobbinsknows Posts: 239 ★★
    Gmonkey said:

    Did you turn off willpower for Eop warlock fight?

    Nope. I have Willpower enabled as shown in the video.
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    I just tried it as well and can confirm my Galan was not gaining any willpower healing. And yes I do have willpower on.
  • baskinrobbinsknowsbaskinrobbinsknows Posts: 239 ★★

    This is a bug. He should be healing from Willpower. We are on the case!

    I appreciate it Mike. I was worried for a minute there.
  • BurningSpear72BurningSpear72 Posts: 23
    Thanks for this post I thought it was an issue as well.
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    Any ETA on the Galan fix? Would like to start using him but run suicides most of the time so after a couple of fights he is generally done.
  • Jan_McFly_Jan_McFly_ Posts: 4
    @Kabam Miike do you have any estimated time when the bugfix on Galan will be live? I've paid 49,99 for him and want to use him without any issues. Thank you for your response.
  • SbkruebSbkrueb Posts: 406 ★★★
    The delay on this is crazy..... 7 days no update
  • SbkruebSbkrueb Posts: 406 ★★★
    Can we get an update on this???
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