Crystal rng/unlucky account rant

Ps_cr7Ps_cr7 Posts: 296 ★★
I have around 95 6*, I am missing 8/10 top champs in two classes, 2 being venom and ultron. Not even talking about this month champs. I have opened 6 featured crystals till now and all have been pretty bad. One person I know, opened 2 and got rin and scorpion. Other opened 5, and got hulking omega scorpion. How is this fair?
For completion of quests it was fine because you can make do with other options. But with battleground coming, how is this fair when we will be competing on champs of roster. This whole year I had 3 good pulls, kitty, kingpin dupe and cap iw. Just 3 is really low in my opinion when I have been opening crystals and all nexus that have been made available, even unit ones. I do not spend much, just on really good offers.


  • TheTrueBeast10TheTrueBeast10 Posts: 68 ★★
    What's your in-game name so we can judge your top champs and your luck
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 5,216 ★★★★★
    Hilarious dude.

  • PikoluPikolu Posts: 813 ★★★
    I had to open 14 featured crystals to just get one of the featured champions. A previous featured I opened 12 and had 4 of the featured champions. You win some and you lose some.
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 1,586 ★★★★
    True.. open basic save 5k 6* shards.. instead of 6* featured champion crystal for 15k.. why.. get more champions.. i guess it depends on each person if they are patient enough to pull each champion.

    I currently have 105 6* and am missing some of the top champions.. I hope I get PeniParker or Nimrod or Ultron as 6*.. the luck is good bad or really bad.. so if you feel lucky with rng go for the featured.. if I had 150 or higher count; I might consider opening 6* featured but right now I'm going to keep opening 6* basic.

    Good luck op.. I also seldom get 5* featured.. I pull Electro while two other get Omega Sentinel.. so yeah.. featured is not for me.
  • DoosraDoosra Posts: 298 ★★
    I don't understand why people when they pull back to back God pulls don't consider the rng is rigged, but they consider it when the the pulls are bad,
  • its all RNG whether we like it or not. i remember having a horrible streak of 6*s for months but you do eventually pull amazing champs. trust me
  • JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 1,911 ★★★★
    *Face palm*
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,047 ★★★★★
    If you are complaining about not having many top-tier champs, why in the world would you open costlier crystals? You should really only open featured crystals if you have a huge percentage of basic champions that you want, or if you don’t care about RNG. There may be hype champs in the featured but there are a ton of champs in the basic.

    Battlegrounds has only increased the relevance of The basic crystal vs featured because you get a much wider pool of champions.
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