I find it kinda stupid that BWDO is considered a variant in the game...



  • Lets get down to brass tacks here and stop beating about the bush. Its so they can make more money. They can only release so many new characters so it helps tremendously if they can release 3-5 versions of each character.
    The logical thing would be to have skins or load outs for each character so when you pick wolverine you would choose which version to play but since its more lucrative to sell you the same character 5 times that is what we have. All of this mutiverse and time, space bs is just window dressing. As with everything in life the answer is simply money.

    Yeah no, this ain’t it and I’m glad they didn’t go this route. While skins would be cool, having multiple champs helps with the story of the battle realm

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    DNA3000 said:

    To add another wrinkle to this... Time doesn't work quite the same way in the Battlerealm as we're used to either. The 80s both happened 40 years ago, but is also a physical place that you can travel to.

    Black Widow from yesterday and Black Widow from Tomorrow both exist at the same time, and can even be in the same place, but are they the same person? Maybe. Maybe Not.

    “but are they the same person?”
    Well, YES they are. Unless it has been specified that indeed they are from different multi-verses.

    A “timeline” is not the same as a “multiverse”
    Yourself in present day (whatever that means when in the BattleRealm), and yourself from 20 years ago, are the SAME person. Even if the Collector has pulled both of you out from your own relative time within that timeline. You can both exist together in BR, and they are both you.

    Doesn’t mean that Kabam/Marvel could not have made the decision that both the 2 different BW's are indeed from different Multiverses (so 20 years or whatever the time difference was, in future of BWDO could end up being quite different from OG BW). But don’t think that had ever been stipulated before ??

    Think we just assumed that they were just different points in time from her same timeline (same multiverse).
    Are all the James Bond movies about the same person? Yes and no. They literally can't all be, and yet they are all canon.
    WRONG! There are only 2 James Bonds in the movies, Daniel Craig and everyone before him. There is clear and demonstrable continuity from Doctor No to Die Another Day to say that they are the same person, being played by different actors, in the same continuity in the same way Mark Ruffalo and Ed Norton are both MCU!Bruce Banner and Terrance Howard and Don Cheadle are both MCU!Rhodey.

    The Bond movies prior to Casino Royale clearly operate on a similar sliding timescale to the Marvel comics 616 universe that assumes they take place 'now' but that 'now' is moving forward from the 1960s through to the early 2000s.
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