How’s your crystal luck?



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    DrZola said:

    I’m in old champ land. While Gauntlet nexus did give me a YJ dupe, I’ve pulled the likes of Groot, Havok, OGBP, OFCM, Modok, Sentinel, VtD, AV, GG, Mephisto, WS and KK over the past month and a half. Some ok, but none what I’ve been hunting.

    Dr. Zola

    Update: Still definitely not CEO confirmed…

    …added this gem of a champ to the Ronin dupe I pulled yesterday (sure, sure, the rework will be gobsmackingly amazing):

    Add to that the incredible luck of pulling a 6* from the Tech daily I got today to top off a T5c…

    …which turned out to be another dupe of my 6* Psycho-Man.

    It’s true that you get fewer and fewer useful or exciting pulls the longer you play. But there is a point you move from feeling resigned into being outright demoralized.

    Dr. Zola
  • Stebo_79Stebo_79 Posts: 618 ★★★
    Same here, my bad luck has continued. I just duped my OG capt America.
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    It's complicated. If I am talking about 6*, I often find myself pulling quite bad champs in large streaks, but then I open 3 BGT's out of 5 crystals. I had very long drought few months back, but I completed act 7, and with help of few more nexuses, got to open 8 nexus crystals, where only one bad thing was Annihillus. All other champions were insane.
    This is the norm for me. I think I have more luck than average player here, a bit.

    But I think I am really, really lucky with arena crystals. I open 5 10k crystals one by one, and I very often get about 225 units that way.
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