Future Roadmap - cool, but aren't we forgetting something?



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    @Demonzfyre, I'm not sure why you’re being so heavy-handed in either defending Kabam or outright putting down anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Let's try to understand what the OP was trying to say.

    The community needs more concise communication about this game, not just need about the next thing those at the top will be chasing. Rewards based on progression have stagnated in many game areas since around 2019. When the roadmaps came out, it gave many of us hope that we would see real forward momentum in the game with new modes, crystals, and an improved rewards cadence.

    Since those initial roadmaps, Kabam reneged or postponed many new features, seemingly on the quicker, more monetizable aspects of the game. We’ve gotten better cash deals, a pay-to-truly play mode in battlegrounds, and a summer calendar we now pay for instead of summoner appreciation; we can even now buy and awaken the newest 5* champions for $100 US. These changes are confusing for veteran players that knew this game when it was skill-based over having the best champion for specific content, which still requires skill, but that gate is typically behind a paywall.

    I went slightly off track, but the point is Kabam hasn’t been a lot more defensive and cagey, more focused on money-driven aspects rather than bringing new, fun, and rewarding free content to the game. Even as a Paragon player, I expected a lot more when I got this title; I’m sure it will come, but when? The most I can do is buy a better quality deal and a different objective for EOP, which is barely fun.

    We should all want better; to tell everyone to accept what Kabam gives us and stay shut sounds like an abusive relationship. At this point, I think we all deserve better, mainly since we help pay the bills. Be kinder to your fellow summoners Demonfyre; we are in this together.

    Who did I "put down? I haven't insulted anyone in this thread. I've only simply responded. My first comment just pointed out that the roadmap that they laid out was for 3 features of champions and not a blanket of the entire game like the ones from years ago.

    Again with the reference to the road maps from years ago and you still think they're promises that Kabam didn't keep and now you've taken a trip to conspiracy town by saying they instead focused on cash offers. Those roadmaps were 2020 or something right? You think it took them 2ish years to add a 5* to a preview bundle? You think that's the master plan they've been working on instead of something from a roadmap? Lol

    Also, it doesn't matter to the devs if something costs money or not. Kabam doesn't receive anything other than a paycheck for salaries from Netmarble.

    So since the roadmaps, we've had-
    Act 7
    Act 8.1
    Summer of pain.
    4 installments of EoP
    Gauntlet was brought back.

    Yeah, I guess you're right. No new free content at all.

    All this to be said is the new roadmap isn't the same as the 2020 ones. It's laser focused on one thing.

    I agree with some of the points made from OP but it's not like Kabam was forgetting anything with this roadmap.
    You’re missing my point, I didn’t say they aren’t giving free content but please notice how they are positioning the game. Most of the new content you’re bringing up are for endgame players only, even battlegrounds is Cav and up I believe.

    And when I bring up the roadmap, I’m actually mentioning when Kabam Mike said that he regrets putting those out because people take them as promises; it’s more like, the game team put some expectations they wanted, perhaps realizing it’d take too much resources and said no. The main issue is a lack of communication between the developers and us the consumers. There are other games on the market that give more, discuss more and even apologize to the community for their mistakes.

    I’m using only the knowledge I’ve gathered from Kabam over the years since the roadmaps, then looking at how many cash deals there are compared to unit deals even for units how they’re flat out selling 5 stars. The game has shifted, for better or worst. I’m asking for communication for Kabam again as I typically try to do and for you to stop trying to saying you’re not harassing people for having an opinion. If it wasn’t on this post it has been on other posts.
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    KoiBoy18 said:

    Why are you necro-ing a 1.5 year old thread?

    Legit just an accident, I was looking through some drafts and pressed the button not posting the right draft, you can check out what I actually meant to post.
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