Servers came back up and this happened

So the game came back online after “emergency maintenance” and I go in to T4B arena to finish up and it said there was an issue. I go back in to fight and I lose a match bc of Kabam. I want that match back! I’m apprehensive to go into the last fight bc I’m afraid it’ll happen again and I don’t have the time to grind back up to the streak.

What say you @Kabam Miike


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    You will lose that match every time if the game goes down during an arena fight. Just make sure you win the next one.
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    Pics didn’t post jqjxwdzwjdec.png
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    sorry to hear that, i lost my infinitely streak few times before due to past many unexpected maintainance (including lingering instability after the server is up), and i lost some of my past arena run and missed the top 10% due to lengthy down time, I felt your frustration and pain, sadly like many other people, you won't get any compensation from this company or any of their customer support. I wish you get smtg back, but reality will disagree with that
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