From where can I get this thumbnail without the login timer?

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  • There's normally about 1 second (or so) before the “Loading” or “Logging in” text appears in the bottom corner, where you can screencap it without that on the bottom.

    Or (at least for this month), it should be pretty easy to PhotoShop a section of the blank background right on top of that corner wording. Just copy a section from the same vertical point, and the scaling purple’ish tint to it should match as you drag it over to the right.

    They used to also have a “Media” (?) area up on the website with a collection of these pics, and I think those were even without the MCOC logo sitting on top of the champ in the very center.
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    Credits to @kabamJax via twitter
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    AntzRodz said:

    Credits to @kabamJax via twitter

    Thanks bro.
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