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Happy Camper Store 6-Star Dual Class Crystal Cost me 12.5k 6-Star Shards + 3 Hexabadges

Just a warning to others. Yesterday I purchased a 6-star Cosmic/Tech dual class crystal from the Happy Camper store using 3 hexabadges from the Summer Event. Before I got it I had ~28.2k 6-star shards saved up. After I opened the crystal I noticed I only had 15.7k 6-star shards left. Apparently the game deducted 3 hexabadges from my account but also 12.5k 6-star shards. I’m not sure if it happened because I went with the Cosmic/Tech crystal while that was also the crystal available in the crystal store or if it would have double charged me regardless of the class. Just wanted to share so that others are aware this may happen if you get the same class that is currently available in the crystal store. I recommend documenting how many 6-star shards you have before you get the crystal from the Happy Camper store.

I’ve submitted a ticket but so far Kabam support has been about as helpful as they typically are (which isn’t much).


  • ..and if that's the case (although normally you can’t refund a crystal once you open it), maybe they will agree to take back your hex-badge purchased one and refund you the 12.5k shards. Since they are essentially the same thing.

    So long as you DON'T open that other one you bought with the hex badges (if you do end up finding it).
  • BurroBurro Posts: 82

    I’m gonna guess that you went to that crystal item, and clicked on Purchase one for 12.5k shards.
    Instead of opening the one that was purchased with the hex badges.
    The button you would have clicked on would have said (12.5k).

    You sure you don’t have that fully formed one elsewhere in your crystals, like 1st crystal tab instead of 2nd tab which is normally the Shards ones ?

    Wholly acquired PC's, 3*’s, etc are in that 1st tab, even though their Shards-equivalent versions are in the 2nd tab.

    I thought this same thing, but I only opened 1 and there isn’t another one in my crystals. Typically when you get a fully formed crystal that’s also a crystal you can get with shards if you tap on it you’re automatically taken into the crystal opening screen. Once there you can add more by tapping on the button in the lower left hand corner. At least that’s how I best remember it. Once I have enough 5* shards to get a featured from the Black ISO Market I’ll check. Either way, I am 100% certain I only opened 1 and have no more in my crystal inventory.

    Hopefully Kabam support will fix it for me but if they don’t it’s not the end of the world. My account is big enough that missing out on 1 star crystal opening isn’t that big of a deal. More of an annoyance than anything. For those with fewer 6 star champs and less frequent opportunities to acquire new ones it could be more meaningful. Just wanted to put it out there that it’s happening so others may be aware.

  • MagicBentonMagicBenton Posts: 280 ★★★
    Put this in the bug section. I have no idea how many shards I had, so can't tell if this happened to me or not. But it would suck if it's a bug and happening to others. I wouldn't rely on email Support...they're...yeah...
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