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Why does the game frequently lose connection?


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    LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,465 ★★★★★
    It doesn't for me. Something to do with your connection, your devices.
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    Gogeta91199Gogeta91199 Posts: 990 ★★★★
    Agreed, connection issues have increased alot in the past couple of days
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    rajonrajon Posts: 36

    It doesn't for me. Something to do with your connection, your devices.

    Well I tried changing devices or networks, but the connection is still not stable
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    DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 19,084 Guardian
    That symbol doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost connection. In fact, there is no actual “connection” to lose. What happens is, the game client sends a message to the game servers, then waits for.a reply. If the reply doesn’t arrive within a certain amount of time, you get that symbol. This could mean:

    1. Your internet is down. As a result, that reply is never going to arrive (unless it comes back up quickly).

    2. There’s an internet disruption between you and the game servers. In which case, your message might have gotten lost, and thus you’ll never get a reply (the game client will retry periodically for a certain amount of time before giving up).

    3. The servers are busy. In which case, they might be taking longer to reply than normal, and thus the game client starts showing that symbol to indicate it hasn’t heard from the servers in a while, but it might eventually.

    4. The game client has hiccoughed. Sometimes the game client just malfunctions. In which case communications between the game client and the game server won’t work properly, and the game client will blame the other guy.

    5. Your phone is having performance related issues. Sometimes your phone runs out of memory or other resources, it starts garbage collecting or swapping, and as a result the game client is no longer able to do things as fast as before, and as a result it believes the network is slow, when its the phone that is temporarily processing network messages slower than normal.

    This isn’t like a phone call where the call gets disconnected (usually). More often, it is like a text message you send to a friend and then don’t get a reply. Maybe they didn’t get it, maybe they got it but they are busy right now, maybe they are just ghosting you, or maybe you sent the message to the wrong person and they are wondering what to do about it.

    Generally speaking, if it happens soon after new content day, its probably #3. If it happens soon after patch day, it is usually #4. But across all the players, it could be lots of things.
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