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I'm throwing bwdo's sp2 in opponent's block half of the time, someone else in that case?

JeancrbJeancrb Posts: 201 ★★
I think it is the main reason why I don't rank her up 6r3.

There is this short window at the end of the medium ending combo where I always launch the sp2 in the wrong timing somehow and I end up throwing it in opponent's block :D

Any tips on how to avoid that? Should I time it differently? Is it a problem of animation and it's happening to more people than me ?


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    TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,344 ★★★★★
    i think it's because of her 2 hit mediums. you'll have to just get used to pressing the special button right after that second medium hit lands. if you want, i've sometimes ended with a fourth light (only one hit) to lessen the chance that i throw the sp2 into the opponent's block. i'm sure you've already gotten some practice in with her, but it'll take time to get the timing down exactly
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    JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    Yes!! Happens all the time if you wait out the animation of the last medium attack in the combo. I will either go MLLLL+sp2 or if I’m using a medium ending press the special button on her 1st hit of the animation.
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