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How exactly does AW work?

I've been playing MCOC for about 4 years, since 2018, but I was only 10-11 when I started. Now I'm 15 and I want to understand game mechanics more and how things work, such as AW. My alliance is pushing for at least Gold 3, and we are currently at Silver 1. Last season we placed Silver 2. But I was looking through the details of our last war, trying to figure out how exactly we lost, and I noticed that each win or loss gives or takes away points, according to the alliance leader. Is there a point requirement for certain tiers? Ex: 500,000 points needed for Gold 1 (possibly wrong info in this example but the concept of it should be clear). Is this how AW works? Does each tier have a point requirement?


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    Each tier you're in has a multiplier and your war points are multiplied by that and at the end of the war, you'll see the points you earned win or lose.

    You'll lose war rating by losing though.

    War rating is affected by wins/loss.
    Season standing and alliance tier is affected by war point totals.

    Multiplier tier affects the map and nodes you play on. Higher the tier, harder the map.
  • To expand on above..

    Your Alliance War Rating (WR) is what determines what TIER you are in (each tier has a certain % of overall alliances, by WR, in that tier).
    Your Tier determines the Multiplier applied to your war's points.

    WR and Tier are NOT necessarily tied to your Medal based Ranking during (and at end) of season.
    Medal ranking is based solely on points (war points * that war's multiplier) for each of the 12 wars just during the Season. And then (unlike % based Tiers) is bracketed by a certain # of alliances (by points) into each of the Medal brackets.
    ** the only correlation between WR/Tier and Ranking is that higher Tier gives higher multiplier, thus allowing you to get a higher Ranking.
    But there is NOT a 1-to-1 correlation of say Tier-11 == Gold-3. Those are different things.

    As for Points and Tiers, see pics below (I believe the Tier pic is the latest, there was an earlier but think just the top several tiers are what had changed to this one).

    ** and note, while you can estimate the Attack Bonus difference during the war by looking at Defender Kills, it may not be exact because of cases where it takes 4+ attempts to kill any given defender.
    ** also, empty (potential defender nodes, but no defender placed, ie, 5 empty + any others where team didn’t fill their slots) will result in FULL 3x Attack Bonus just by exploring those empty #’d nodes.

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