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Daily quest progress lost

SCZSCZ Posts: 181 ★★
If you are in a daily quest and the timer expires your progress is no longer saved and you allowed to finish quest but instead you get removed.

@Kabam Miike


  • Haven’t done this in a while, but it had previously allowed you to continue progress only for so many hours past the Daily Reset time.
    Like out of energy at night, come back in morning and finish it up (if it was an overnight reset type of quest). But continue to wait until even later on in the day and you were out of luck.

    If you remained unfinished in the quest for too many hours, it would ultimately kick you out and reset.

    Is that what you saw today (just waited too long ?), or did it kick you out right at it's reset time ?
  • SCZSCZ Posts: 181 ★★
    Was not a long delay. Something changed from how’s it’s been for years
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,368 ★★★★
    If you are talking about the class catalyst quests then I believe that changed when they made them the same every day with selectors instead of rotating through the classes each day. I noticed the same thing shortly after the change over because I used to go to sleep partway through finishing the 2nd path of a class cat quest and be able to finish it when I got up and then go in to the new day's next class quest.

    I assumed it was able to do this because they were different quests so it allowed access to the new day's quest without having to interrupt where you were with the previous one until you finished the path or quit out. I also assume it can't or doesn't do this anymore because though the enemies change the class quest is now the same every day and it has to reset so that you can earn the path completion rewards again for the new day along with the autocomplete if you use it. If I am correct it would be nice if they could rework it so you still could finish the currently open run like you used to be able to but it might be too difficult for them to do.
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