Valkyrie or Black Cat (overall comparison, regardless of awakened or unawakened)

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Pls provide constructive feedback and criticism of each champ.

Valkyrie or Black Cat (overall comparison, regardless of awakened or unawakened) 27 votes

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Black Cat
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    Valkyrie because I only have her. Seems cool and fun play style. I like hitting the block at full damage - it's a rare piece of utility.
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    Black Cat
    She good
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    Both the champs have good solid damage but I’ll have to say valkyrie has more potent damage in most matchups once you get the rotation down as no champ is immune to raw damage, just a few nodes stop her. Whereas , bleed immune matchups significantly reduce black cat damage but in those matchups she has the ability fail mechanic also, if the opponent doesn’t have any DAR she really has tough time dealing any damage. On the other hand,Both the champs don’t need the awakening but its obviously good to have, valkyrie gets the ability to hit unstoppable opponents as if they weren’t unstoppable when she has a pierce buff and become stun immune when she has a bulwark buff. Whereas, black cat gets combo shields and chance to evade which is a good safety net.
    In conclusion, valkyrie is a better champ to awaken over black cat. But neither of them really need it to access the damage they have.
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    Black Cat
    It's difficult to say since Valkyrie just became available a couple of days ago. I personally don't have her yet. However, she does seem reminiscent of Masacre, who was one of my MVPs for Variant 8. I really like that guy and I really want a 6* (I used my 5* for V8). Dealing lots of damage through block can be an extremely potent ability. I'm sure the same is true for Valkyrie.

    That being said, Black Cat has impressed the heck out of me. She's probably my favorite champ released this year, which is saying something since I think this year's champs have been great overall. I just constantly find so much use for her. Whether it's shutting down damaging effects like Electro's damage-on-hit or iBom's poisons, to shutting down Thing's rock stacks or Hulkling's regen/indestructible buffs, to denying Nick Fury his charges whenever you strike him.

    Similarly to how Valkyrie reminds me of Masacre, Black Cat reminds me a lot of OG Falcon; and OG Falcon was my MVP for most of the game after his buff. It didn't really matter where I took him, he usually found a way to dominate regardless. 100% DAAR is just an insanely powerful piece of utility. The list is endless in terms of what it can shut down.

    I want to pull Valkyrie from the featured - she's one of the champs I'm specifically targeting there. However, she'll have a lot to prove in order for her to overtake Black Cat in my eyes.
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    I have both champs at 6* r4, both awakened. Black Cat sig 20, Valkyrie sig 200. If we’re talking unawakened, Black Cat is better. Valkyrie has a ton of her utility locked behind her sig ability and she wants to be max sig. If we’re talking both champs at maximum potential, I think I’d still rather have Black Cat. Her ability to shut down all defensive abilities is just invaluable. Valkyrie will get through most matchups she can take faster, but Black Cat can take more matchups.
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