How the heck did we lose this Off-season War



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    Was a help ticket put in?

    FWIW, I would much prefer seeing the tiebreaker be something like item usage (specifically lack there of) over time... but that's a whole different thread on why the tiebreaker is bad... but OP is right... they should have won, and because they are in "lower enough" of a tier that ratings aren't frozen... this effectively has a net of "double" because it should be a win, not a loss. Vs. single if they just "didn't do the war".

    If they feel a tier... then the impact will be even higher as it will take several wars to make up the difference with the lower multiplier.
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    Off season doesn't count per se in regards to AW season rewards but I believe it does decide where you are placed and the initial opponents might be easier if you throw some matches (not the best move but some alliances do it) or since it doesn't count.. they don't really push for the win.

    I noticed it is harder to get participation in off season and actual season.. either summoners are burnt out by the grind or rewards aren't as motivating for them.
  • Hey there, Summoners!

    Looks like this case did indeed get in front of the game team through that support ticket. They are looking into it and seem to be making good progress!

    Communication on the issue will continue through the support avenue and, as such, we'll close up this thread.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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