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Recruiting for Tier 3, Plat 3+ Aq Map 7/8

Greetings. We're at tier 3 currently, and pushing up to Plat 2. Aq we're currently playing Map 7 as we await the Aq updates and move to play Map 8. I'm looking for an active player, 14.5-15k+ prestige with 20+ rank 3s and 3+ rank 4s for defence, Aq & war attack. Someone who can communicate well and follow instructions. We're a fun, friendly alliance who take Aw seriously. If interested, you can respond here or add me on line: eugenegmt3


  • Eugene_VirtuosoEugene_Virtuoso Posts: 209
    Looking. Last recruit bailed. Please, only serious people contact me. Fun & friendly Top 200 Aq, Tier 3 pushing Plat 2 low stress wars (Mini-Bosses & Boss usually covered by myself and other killers) , just need someone who can clear their lane & boost/heal when need be. You can respond here or add me on line: eugenegmt3
  • Eugene_VirtuosoEugene_Virtuoso Posts: 209
    Closed for now. I will update if something comes up.
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