Knull or Sersi?

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I got a cosmic ag and would eventually like to rank up both but who benefits more from ag and who should i rank up first. Battlegrounds is my main focus.

Knull or Sersi? 27 votes

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    Ah didn't see this was about who to awaken. All I know is sersi is best.

    Sersi awakened is both a better and worse defender awakened. Awakened she gets some regen which is really nice on offense when the AI sp2 intercepts you and you heal most of it back. However it also makes mystic counters go brrrrrr. Her regens feed MD and mojo enjoys the extra buffs.

    Knull on the other hand is giving the other players free willpower from the start and to make his awakening worth it, he needs a good investment of sigs.

    For battlegrounds, you will get more bang for your buck for 1 more week if you take sersi up since she is a monster on offense and defense in the victory track meta. Otherwise I'd wait for the next meta announcement for season 4 of BGs
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