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Is this fair?

I was grinding arena and thought to my self I am fighting stronger ai opponents but getting smaller amount of points for it compared to if I was using my stronger champion against equally strong champions.


  • hburns03hburns03 Posts: 74
    what was the total for each fight after you won and the x3 multiplier was added
  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,532 ★★★★★
    Rounds 15-20 you have to use your top champs.
  • SleepyBear21SleepyBear21 Posts: 53
    hburns03 said:

    what was the total for each fight after you won and the x3 multiplier was added

    For my to champs between 30 and 31k and for these champs around 21 to 22 k
  • zerozzeroz Posts: 15
    you must be new to arena.......its been like this or worse for years.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,593 Guardian
    edited December 2022
    Points are based on both how high your champ is, and how high opponent is. But I think it leans moreso on your own champ rating, and only a lesser extent to the opponent rating.

    In building up to Thanos/Kang teams, you see higher points while fighting real opponents, and then it dips once you reach Thanos/Kang teams (when using same ranked champs of your own) because T/K teams are without mastery and so even though high rank actually are weaker Rated.

    And you can definitely see difference in bringing higher champs of your own.

    As to lopsided mismatch in your pic above. It is too soon after reaching streak 15 to be able to drop your team down to 5* r1 champs. (Actually probably too soon, at 17, to even try as low as 5* r3 at that particular time).
    Need to still use higher champs for a few more matches before you can drop to lower team being used. And even then, not sure 5* r1 would ever be acceptable to avoid a death match at any round, they might have to be 5* r3 even once you are deep into the streak.
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