First Rank 4

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Thanks to the Banquet Event I’m in a position to have my first Rank 4 champion. Please help me pick which of these three to take from rank 3-4

First Rank 4 26 votes

Nick Fury (sig 30)
Jcray705JinxesaxeFeeney234DrPepper_75JAATKINGPraneeth_SP616Giantwalrus56ScrubhanRomeroKwillrun4adonutFrostGiantLordProtogenoiJust_Frank2022 13 votes
Rintrah (sig 50)
OKAYGangAssumedNameKhushhalDannycorb23RocketWaffleTheExit27ShenkBenjygl5nTnkeesmanKNAKINTHWong_99 11 votes
Nimrod (unawakened)
johnwho6313579rebel_ 2 votes
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    Nick Fury (sig 30)
    I know I am late, but personally NF is the best option for versatility and utility. Rintrah if you want to go for BGs
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