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I want the public’s opinion on this, I want to know who my second r4 5* should be. I already have a stark Spider-Man as my first r4 and I’m wondering if I should r4 my 5* Magik. Here are important things you should note.
- I have a 5* cosmic awakening gem
- I’m saving all my 5* shards for February when Blade is in the featured crystal again

Rank 4 5* Question 20 votes

Fireballs5AfridJmoneysteckZane22nameplasDarkrider05King_L0kiB34rzero7G0311ViciousJKorporate_KurtTempest 12 votes
Wait in case I get Blade
DrOctavius2_2TitanPunchTellthemIAMMr_mc_person34 4 votes
Other (ex. Hyperion, GP, Iceman. Archangel)
JadedXillymanSCARExTony_xD 4 votes


  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,029 ★★★★★
    Other (ex. Hyperion, GP, Iceman. Archangel)
    Everyone does magik, while a great choice with recent additions of gwenpool, Hyperion and soon archangel. They don’t need to be duped to be great. While you are saving your shards for blade you won’t pull any of them unless you’re lucky in the gmc crystals. So save your t2a and wait.
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    Magik is a probably the best power control champ in the league of og vision/vision and dormaamu.....
    U have already a heavy damage dealer stark spidy.....
    If I were u.... I will definitely rank her up to 4 for her insane damage, power control and top of that for her limbo ....
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    If she's duped.If you manage to get blade and lack the t2a do the easy path in LOL /100% explore LOL(if you already did the first path)
  • Jets44Jets44 Posts: 71
    Another important note I forgot to add is I can only do one more r4 for now
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