Absorbing Man and Baron Zemo wallpapers, enjoy!


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    KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 1,210 ★★★★
    Thanks @Jay_Axe
    The art team hit these character designs out of the park! Zemo was always a meme in the comics but he looks so bada%# here!
    And then they topped that by creating the perfect Absorbing Man! 🥰 👍
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    CyborgNinja135CyborgNinja135 Posts: 1,114 ★★★★
    The wallpaper with all the villains is my favorite startup screen since the Mr Negative one
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    JinxesaxeJinxesaxe Posts: 399 ★★★
    Dude, you’re awesome. These are so cool. Thank you.

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    Overture of Evil Wallpapers from this month's event quest!
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    Guckee_01Guckee_01 Posts: 28
    that’s dopeeeee
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    13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 2,447 ★★★★★
    Hail Zemo
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    FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,683 ★★★★
    Awesome new art designs this month, kudos to the Kabam artists!
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