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Any tips for Act 6.4.6 Grandmaster (For Both Path and Boss)

Yash0101Yash0101 Posts: 134
edited February 19 in Strategy and Tips
Act 6.4.6:-

My Champions:-

Tell me best champs to Defeat the boss
Like top 5 or top 10

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  • JoseOkJoseOk Posts: 257 ★★
    Grandmaster is the first in a line of final bosses where game skills and knowledge play a major roll.

    While you can push your way through , I would not recommend it. if you don’t learn the tactics you will lose a lot of potions, revives and units.

    You need to learn how to dex his sp1 in order to stun him and there are multiple different phases (a quick google search will show this) .

    I’d recommend reviewing that before and bring in champs that
    1) deal lots of damage,
    2)can deal with reverse controls (for phase 3)
    3) can end the last 5% quickly (guillotine2099 for example)

    Hercules, Aegon, Spider-Man blue/red, Corvus, hulkling, etc. are all good options

    Professor x /juggernaut/ mr sinister to deal with reverse control phase. Guillotine2099 can end phase 4 quickly.
  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 138
    If you have any way of awakening kitty pryde, she could oneshot this fight with reasonable ease, if not like the JoseOk stated, someone who can do an insane damage or someone who can live for extremely long would be your best bet. Corvus (build presistent charge before fight) will be your mvp for most of the fight since he can deal an insane amount of burst dmg, Ill probably bring in Prof X and Juggernaut for the reverse control phase, Odin to increase corvus survival rate, as for the last champ, anyone to help you clear your path, then switch them out for domino
  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 138
    the main goal should be trying to do as many intercepts as possible since it greatly increases your dmg, grandmaster should be more aggressive due to the way he was design so don't be afraid to backdraft him as much as possible
  • NIOBBBNIOBBB Posts: 138
    As for the best path, its best to just watch someone like mcoc noob, remember to make sure you can build presistent charge for your corvus in the path
  • BadahBadah Posts: 142
    I would take the cosmic path. Bring both Dooms, one for the path, other for GM. Bring Prof X for the reverted controls. The other two is up to you.
  • DigletGamingDigletGaming Posts: 849 ★★★★
    My advice would to take any path besides the easy path. I learned the hard way, the 30% wounded time reduction is really hard to get by.
  • MIND035MIND035 Posts: 35
    Very strong lineup the fight should be easy once you understand all the mechanics of the fight, i would suggest doom, ultron, kitty (With emma frost synergy) and proff x are your best options. other than that stack up on revives and potions if you need and stack up on units.
  • From my first experience beating GM, I used Hercules, Bishop, Colossus, Mags, Warlock for Path D.
    Path D is Inflation, power drain with SP hit so easy enough to avoid. I built up Herc's persistent charge maybe up to 8 or 9. I forgot what I did for the reversed controls phase. Majority of my champs can generate buffs on their own to satisfy GM's feats, and can tank GM's SP2 (Bishop even healed from it)
  • MIND035MIND035 Posts: 35
    I used Herc, doom, proff x, Kingpin and stealth spidey, but i soloed the first 2 phases with kingpin, and managed to do the rest with proff x. It gets easier with the right champs.
  • Zak2025Zak2025 Posts: 59
    units man
  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 887 ★★★
    for reverse controls and for intercepting. Arguably the best for both.
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