Story paths completed showing small parts uncompleted, you cannot 100% complete

its stupid issue that shouldnt happen in a game thats been around this long, ...

Story paths that have been completed are showing parts uncompleted and wont change you go over the same path again, to clear that small part...

added a picture so you can all see it, would be nice of Kabam to not make us waste Energy and go over same parts again, a fix in very near future is a good thing that could come from them!


  • SilverHawk23SilverHawk23 Posts: 4

  • No “fix”.
    A while ago they had revamped ACT’s 1-4, combining, changing, deleting paths, etc.

    Anyone who had not previously fully explored an ACT 100% will now have to finish up paths that have since been changed, and may strangely look like a “patchwork” of explored and not-explored sections.

    If you do that at again, it will then get counted as explored.
  • SilverHawk23SilverHawk23 Posts: 4
    ok, so guess i need to keep doing what i have, repeat the paths, thanks for that Kabam...

    thank you for the info on that SummonerNR
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