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7*s back in map8???

Why are 7* defenders back in map 8 for AQ? Is this intentional or another accident? Days 1-4 were all 6*?


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,100 ★★★★★
    It's intended. The values are way reduced vs last series. Still haven't seen the promised comp from it though.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 9,505 Guardian
    Bvukas11 said:

    Why are 7* defenders back in map 8 for AQ? Is this intentional or another accident? Days 1-4 were all 6*?

    If the solution last week was to just correct the “inflated stats” of those 7* nodes in Map-8 for this week.
    Then your issue is probably just the natural “increase” in node strength as you advance each day in a series (with Wins, aka boss kills, in prior days).
    Even if days 1-4 were all 6*, you should have noticed them getting stronger each day, and now on last day finally got to the point for your Ally that any additional increase necessitated then changing to 7*.

    You can see your Ally AQ Prestige (which is tied to strength of the nodes then) increasing each day as you have AQ completions.
  • GasHaulerGasHauler Posts: 164
    edited May 16
    I don’t think the inflated stats issue has been fixed though. We started Day 1 this week with 6* champs, Day 2 switched to 7*. It’s now Day 5, and we’re facing 7* R2/25 champs like a Rhino with 240k health and 14,500 base attack rating.. if he connects with an Unblockable medium dash, it’s pretty much lights out for me after 5-6 hits when even my R5 6* only has a health pool of 58,307..

    There’s been nothing announced that I’ve seen that the issues have been fixed or anything mentioned since last week for that matter other than last week that they were “looking into it.”
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