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Weekly arena hero announcement

What happened to this thread there are no announcement of new arena from last 3 arenas.
Please keep updating this thread before new arena arrives.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 9,509 Guardian
    edited July 4
    (first, hope your post title doesn’t get confused for the actual one).


    But yes, seems like Kabam Zibiit hasn’t been on Forums (to update it) in over a month (hope nothing is wrong), and they are the one that typically has done a majority of the weekly Arena Announcement updates.

    And Kabam Miike might be on vacation ?

    or extended holiday (?? We, meaning America, well, technically United States of America, although aren’t there “united states” of other countries on the 2 “American” continents, yes there are a whole 2 continents considered to be American, ie, North America and South America, not just “our” single country, too ? Anyways, didn’t “we” also sort of free Canada, home of Kabam, from Imperial Rule at the same time, haha, or just seems like it. Anyways, so is there a Canadian equivalent of U.S. July 4th this week too ?? Resulting in extended holiday up north as well this week ?)

    (and, yes, I know, they still put the Queen, I mean King (? or maybe not yet ?, or not at all ?? going forward ??) on their currency, but .. )
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