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This July, y'all are going INTO THE INFERNO



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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,387 ★★★★★
    Kabam Jax said:

    Seeing a lot of focus on the AG path.

    Reminder! By participating in the 28-day Solo Event, you are able to earn an item to guarantee you a trip to that path. So, you are basically able to collect 1 AG this month, just by participating in the event.

    Thanks Jax. Personally, I've enjoyed this in the past with Rifts. Even if your RNG is not on your side, you can still get what you want at least once.
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    TheRoguesTheRogues Posts: 5
    So two Awakening Crystals for Thronebreakers? One from the top rewards of the rifts and one from the Milestones? Since they stated that everyone will get top reward ones.
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    ra_wrra_wr Posts: 63

    ra_wr said:

    ra_wr said:

    so how is this "the best F2P event in history"?

    Wasnt that announced for august?
    im sure it was july, we can look back at i think it was junes first livestream.

    if im wrong then thats on me, but if i remember correctly it was july.
    You wrong it's August.
    could you send me the timestamp in the livestream when they said its august? not saying your wrong but i dont wana scrub through 2-4 hours of livestream to find it.

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    BluestoneBluestone Posts: 29
    "A 1% chance means that it should happen once per 100 tries on average. It may happen not at all, or it may happen multiple times"

    So , yeah ..

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    IceBobbyIceBobby Posts: 109
    edited July 2023
    Could you give us the summarized info on how many total entries we would have into the rifts if we do everything? It looks like 28 random entries + the selectors + potentially something from the inferno nexus crystals... am I missing any?
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    Marvelfan30Marvelfan30 Posts: 1,171 ★★★★
    There should be more gold
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    KyrieRedKyrieRed Posts: 287 ★★
    Wait last month we had access to get one 6* AG crystal and one 6*generic AG, so now that is divided in sections, are we able to complete both paragon level and TB level for example? Or is it one or the other?
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    KnightOfTheRealmKnightOfTheRealm Posts: 924 ★★★
    The best side quests are the ones that make every clown who doesn’t read complain. Therefore this month is a huge W
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    I_tell_no_tales_1I_tell_no_tales_1 Posts: 1,198 ★★★★

    wow that 1% chance at a 6* gem. I expect the rng to suck the fun out of this month's sq.

    You are guaranteed to go to that path atleast once

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    PpurpleIIPpurpleII Posts: 20
    I don't know if it is just me, but I want to stay away from Path D as a Paragon. I could use path A more somehow
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    Agent_7Agent_7 Posts: 182 ★★
    PpurpleII said:

    I don't know if it is just me, but I want to stay away from Path D as a Paragon. I could use path A more somehow

    I don’t know. Path B looks most appealing for those special event crystal shards. Nothing like getting 800 chances at a 3* champ.

    Kidding (ish) aside, I’m looking at that Gold on Path A like “You’re mine”. In the absence of T6CC that is.
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