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2 players average pi 4750+ looking for a good ally

Looking for a good ally that scores 104mil or above in aq and in t2 war and above.
We're solid players that cqn handle map 5 with high prestige on day 5 like 8400 or so...have lil experience with map 6

Message me on line for more info: Hazem_2020


  • BDOG78BDOG78 Posts: 46
    I sent you a message on the line app. Interested in the both of u. Hit me up. Bdog78
  • Goody505Goody505 Posts: 18
    We do 100 mil in aq if your interested my line id is goody505 with u too our prestige will be high enough to do 103 to 104 mil
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    Still looking
  • I'm in if that's ok
  • NickBates10NickBates10 Posts: 59
    You guys still looking?
  • Ricardo60289Ricardo60289 Posts: 369
    Me and peers are in search for 1 person to join us for AQ Map 5 and Tier 2 AW.

    Main thing we are looking for is Skill. I’ll be conducting interviews to find the right new candidate, only looking for a US based time zone player. If interested message me on Line using @ricardo60289

    Requirements: ACTUVE in AQ Map 5 day 1 - 5. Experience fighting in a higher Prestige Alliance for day 4 and 5. Must have atleast one R4 5*, must have atleast 11 R5 4* champs or better. We’re a solid team that completes AQ map 5 at 100% every single day scoring up to 100 Million points. Must be able to clear a whole lane in AW up to the mini boss (Tier2)

    Facts: we don’t save for SA, we score a weekly score of about 400k for guaranteed Weekly 5* Shards. We focus on Completion, duels, etc. We run 2 BG’s for AW and organize for Max Diversity. 2 AW BG’s alternate & we run 3 AW’s a week.

    Donations: 100k Gold, 25k BattleChips, 10k Loyalty. FIRST WEEK OF DONATIONS IS FREE FOR YOU AS A NEW RECRUIT
  • BDOG78BDOG78 Posts: 46
    Hit me up on line. Bdog78
  • BDOG78BDOG78 Posts: 46
    Still looking hazem?
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    Found one thanks!
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