5 Star X23

I’ve tried looking on the forum but can’t find anything specific.

Can anyone who has her and uses her let me know if she’s work a rank 4? I was thinking about taking Magik to rank 4 but not sure who would be more useful in general terms.

Both unawakened. I have deep wounds maxed and no points in MD.

Thanks for your time all.


  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,452 ★★★
    I have a 4* X23 and she is really great. I think an unawakened 5* X23 would be better than unawakened 5* Magik at R4, but its personal preference.
  • She's pretty amazing. The sig is great but not necessary according to most ppl. As of now, she's my LoL easy path plan. Have her at r3 duped and love it. Will be taking to r4 soon depending on the hela situation.

    Magik without md is a worrisome situation bc md is so crucial for her.
  • Kamr05Kamr05 Posts: 208
    I just got her as a 5 star about 2 weeks after taking her to rank 5 as a 4 star. She will be my first rank (4) 5* star for sure. Definitely worth it.
  • TellthemIAMTellthemIAM Posts: 169
    I got super lucky and pulled her as a 5 star. She’s only at rank 2 but she will be rank 3 asap. She hits hard and her bleeds are strong. Her regen is good as well. She’s a very strong champ the only five star mutants I would rank ahead of her are iceman and AA. Rank her up you won’t regret it.
  • JmoneysteckJmoneysteck Posts: 196
    usually the answer would be magik but with no points in md and maxed deep wounds and the magik isnt awakened yet i would go x23
  • SomeoneElseSomeoneElse Posts: 424 ★★★
    X-23 is great. Her heals and bleeds are very useful in quests. Duped Magik is considered god tier, but unduped, I would go with X-23.
  • Tjack92Tjack92 Posts: 29
    I have her 5* at r4 I was saving the t2a for sl when t5b comes out but got impatient. Lol so far I haven’t regretted the decision. You can check my profile out game name is same as on here. Don’t mind my alliance I have had to cut my game play back due to real life stuff so that’s why I’m in it. Lol @SgtSlaughter78

    She is an absolute beast. Have deep wounds maxed as well and that helps a lot too
  • TheBaldAvengerTheBaldAvenger Posts: 240 ★★
    edited November 2017
    I have her at 5* r4 and she is amazing. Regen and damage output are on point and the fact that she even does massive damage against non bleed champs makes her up there with the best imo
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,890 ★★★★
    X 23 better for lol and you could get a legends run with her, quick killer, massive bleed to bypass safeguard, good war attacker too. magik is probably better for high level questing because of her power lock so kind of depends what you are planning on attempting
  • In my opinion if Magik is awakened I'd say rank 4 her, but if not I'd rank up X-23
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