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New AW system just makes things more annoying

So we’re currently in war & I want to click on a person on the map to see if they took the right paths or not but with the newest update u can no longer do that it just gives a list of everyone in the bg which is just frustrating as I can no longer tell who went into a what fight & if we didn’t have assigned paths shared on line app I would have absolutely 0 clue who & where anyone was this really needs changing asap so does enlistment we wanted to do 1bg wars in off season where each bg would have there turn but with the latest update it keeps enlisting bg1 every war unless I completely remove bg2&3 manually each war & rotate in other bg but that is to much to do just to play war so we are no longer doing 1bg wars until this is changed so I hope a fix is inbound very soon


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    Unfortunately it is going to be rough for non 3BG war alliances. The devs know this and are looking to make improvements in coming seasons.

    For 1/2BGs, you have to manually remove champs every war to enlist other players to play. It is rough, i agree.
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    laserjohn26laserjohn26 Posts: 1,529 ★★★★★
    The worst is the masteries needing to be set at an exact moment. Evaluating if war is even worth playing anymore. Certainly not competitively.
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