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AW leaderboard - incorrect points



  • Saske97Saske97 Posts: 72
    Replying to keep it on the first page since it's getting buried :/
  • Olo66Olo66 Posts: 13
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra
    Please let us know what is going on…..
  • DarthMysticDarthMystic Posts: 37
    Would be really nice to know our actual ranking without the invalid scores.
  • ArifuteraArifutera Posts: 208 ★★★
    Bump bump until someone gives an update from Kabam
  • TadzioTosterTadzioToster Posts: 48
    Almost a week and still no answer… and kabam is suprise why people geting mad at them
  • *current leaderboard*
    Seems like only 1 of those 5 originally seen at top are currently still in any Masters.
    And only 2 others are currently in Plat-1 (with none in next bracket down, Plat-2)

    (based on visible War Rating in quick tap of each Ally on Leaderboard, without having to go into more detailed view of every one)

    Anyways, doesn’t sound like they were actually taking up Matching/Tier spots from those really at top of War Rating (?) If so they probably would not have won any of them.
    (Not sure why their points were that high though, maybe they had double wars some days, stopped with points awarded and then restarted new again same day ?)

    But so long as the points are corrected by end of season rewards, shouldn’t really be affecting anything in the meantime during the season.
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 342 ★★
    edited August 2023
    @SummonerNR they started with inflated scores and they keep adding points to those scores after every single war, which happens at a lower rate than for master alliances but they had a massive head start to begin with that even some master teams can’t catch up with, let alone P1 and lower

    Their total points aren’t normal and they weren’t deducted. On the contrary, their totals keep increasing after every war
  • SilveracSilverac Posts: 7

    *current leaderboard*
    But so long as the points are corrected by end of season rewards, shouldn’t really be affecting anything in the meantime during the season.

    I dont want my teammates to neglect their war plans just because our score is incorrect. Hopefully this is fixed soon. I agree it should not affect if you care about war but morale is a weird thing sometimes.
  • DarthMysticDarthMystic Posts: 37
    Fell all the way to page 5.
  • Saske97Saske97 Posts: 72
    We are at war 8 now. 3/4 of the season and I feel like barely any war issues including this one has been addressed properly.
  • Kabam dont give a F about this season So guys stop waiting for Any answers. They read it all. Can answer it few minutes on Any topics on forums so? They dont care. Lets the sh**show run
  • SilveracSilverac Posts: 7
    Any news about this? We only have a week left...
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,235 Guardian
    edited September 2023
    So, those artificially-higher alliances continue to fall down the leaderboard.
    Looks like maybe it was some quirk that started them out with some amount of points (maybe an extra some # of war's worth) to start the season with.

    As the season has gone along, the addition of their actually lower new points in each new war, which seem to correctly be lower (at their proper tier), is thus pushing them down lower compared to Ally’s that are in higher Tier/Multipliers.

    Currently (just 3 wars remain), there only seems to be just 1 of them down in Plat-2, and another couple in Plat-3. Nothing higher than that.

    Which means only the 101st place team, and the 301/302/303rd place teams (and such down the line in even lower brackets) are affected.
    And after the next 3 wars, they should even be further down in the brackets, which while still technically incorrect, makes their impact very minor (any individual fight in a single war may have just the same impact in pushing some team that is down in Gold down one additional bracket spot).
  • AnıyaşaAnıyaşa Posts: 22
    I guess nothing was done about this and my alliance did miss out on p3 rewards..oh well..another bug and no response from kabam.
  • Jonnathan05Jonnathan05 Posts: 31
    Same here, we were always a stable top gold1 ally. Sometimes getting close to plat4. After the first wars we dropped to gold 2. And with our war rating always facing gold1 ally’s.
    The error of wrong points given to lower allys is still even open on the trello board 🤔🤔.
    Season rewards never have came this fast.
    @Kabam Miike @“Kabam Jax” any info about this???
  • Anıyaşa said:

    I guess nothing was done about this and my alliance did miss out on p3 rewards..oh well..another bug and no response from kabam.

    Are you in either XMN-N (N•E•M•E•S•I•S) or WDH (Daft Heroes) ? (Those were the top 2 of Plat-4, that looks like they should have been Plat-3 instead if not for other 2 incorrectly still listed with extra points)

    **ALSO, Anyone else in either of those 2 above that were at top of Plat-4 on the Leaderboard, can you confirm whether you actually got Plat-4 REWARDS (and rank listing in MAIL) and not just what it says on Leaderboard ?? (and maybe DID receive Plat-3 Rewards in Mail afterall ?)

    **OR anyone else in very top (2 or 3) of ANY subsequent Bracket as shown on Leaderboard (not Mail), whether you got the actual Rewards from your bracket as listed in Leaderboard, or if you got an adjusted upward Reward moving you into the bottom of the next Bracket higher ??

    Think in the past, that Kabam has said adjustments/bans wouldn’t show up on Leaderboard itself, just in what Rewards were actually received. Not that it would be a “ban” for the 2 lower W.R. teams that still had extra points at season start and ended up in Plat-3, sounds like a points issue by Kabam and nothing those teams did themselves. But hopefully would be corrected upwards for the small amount of teams atop each subsequent tier that should have been 1 tier higher.
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