Looking for map5/6 active alliance

ZoddymamZoddymam Posts: 360
edited November 2017 in Alliance Recruitment
Looking for a change.

I need
- map 5 perhaps couple days map 6 ok
- Aw tier 2 to 5
- Line app and enjoy talking about game
- Asian or surrounding area time zones
- English speaking
- Completes all battlegroups
- Active
- Not in the middle of a massive rebuild

My stats
- prestige 5300 or so
- Three 5 star champs at r4
- 15 champs at 5/50
- Can kill bosses
- Active in aq aw events but prefer not to be forced to arena grind

Group i am in now is ok joined cause friend asked but they never speak. I like social part game to. Just bored in present alliance


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