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Machine Learning EOP

SuelGamesSuelGames Posts: 947 ★★★
Ppl that have done this Carina Challenge, can you guys help with team build plz? Ive heard ppl say Nimrod is not good and Dragonman is needed, who should i bring then? What path? And who to take which fights?


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    Ultron, dragonman, and someone else for the right side. If you go left you'll want Nebula, warlock, and someone else.
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    TheLightBringerTheLightBringer Posts: 453 ★★★★
    Dragonman, OS and Ultron
    Dragonman vs kraven
    OS against Scorpion, you can solo the fight get to sp3 take the damage and don't throw any specials long fight 8-9 mins but can be soloed
    Dragonman against ikaris
    Ultron against penni
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    SuelGamesSuelGames Posts: 947 ★★★
    Why Ultron tough? isnt Warlock better?
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    Matty_IceMatty_Ice Posts: 574 ★★★
    Ultron hits harder than warlock, and peni/Thanos is a lot about hitting hard. Warlock is great for a couple fights on the left side.
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    AxewAxew Posts: 620 ★★★★
    I used Omega, Nimrod, and Dragon-Man on right path.

    The omega + nimrod synergy will save you a good amount of potions since you regen 25% of missing health each time you die. Ultron is more useful than nimrod because of the damage, but I preferred the regen synergy and my ultron was only 5*

    Herc the first 4 fights.
    Kraven: Dragon man with the slow on SP1 (not too hard, a couple of revives if you’re lucky)
    Ikaris: Dragon man, easy one shot if patient just don’t parry and let him spam those SP1s for easy punishment
    Scorpion: Omega, another possible one shot, just be patient and only hit when stunned. Use the poison on his SP1 blocked hits to regen health when low
    Peni: Anyone works, the most annoying fight and will probably cost the most revives.
    Thanos: anyone works, not that bad probably another couple of revives.

    Here’s my omega-scorpion one shot, very short fight as you can see lol

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    AMS94AMS94 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★★
    I did mine with R3 Dragonman, R3 Omega & R4 Nimrod

    Without Nimrod u will really struggle against Peni
    Dragonman is essential for Kraven & Ikaris....can solo both these fights though very slowly
    Omega can solo Crossbones & Scorpion

    It took 12 revives for me with this team
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    victor158victor158 Posts: 84
    I used r3 Dragonman r4 Os and 5r5 nimrod preferred nimrod over ultron cause he makes you heal more with os synergy. definitely use ouchies.
    dormamu - herc
    bishop- os
    xbones - os
    overseer - herc
    then switch in either dm or ultron
    kraven - dm u sp1 spam to play around root and unstop
    ikaris- dm again but with sp3 cycle this time
    scorpion - get to 3 bars with os and just eat the dmg and mm the rest of the fight
    peni - was a pain but nimrod even r5 did well
    Thanos- os with her high attack was great

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    SuelGamesSuelGames Posts: 947 ★★★
    thx for the insight guys, would be worth to R4 Dragon Man just for this? To save itens, or R3 is enough
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    Matty_IceMatty_Ice Posts: 574 ★★★
    R3 and boost will be enough. Dragon man is a great champ, but I wouldn’t R4 him since he’s available as a 7*.
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    HSS75HSS75 Posts: 1,159 ★★★
    edited September 2023
    Just from the title i thought a Machine managed to do eop
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