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Which champ is better

JerrymiahPLAYZJerrymiahPLAYZ Posts: 3
edited November 2017 in General Discussion
I didn't rank them best from the community so some are probably better than others also I chose one from each class

Which champ is better 25 votes

sha2356__SummonerB2DadouSanJerrymiahPLAYZ 4 votes
Symiote spidey
danielmathDeadbyrd9Jmoneysteckzero7LittleYinYin 5 votes
Stark spidey
DrOctavius2_2TheLazyKingguardianbelikovMasterTroller42RotellySungjTellthemIAMsmodogKayser2705GeneralDCDrewbe14imnooneRasilover 13 votes
thetaman23Tedders 2 votes
Nexus_UY_Scuti 1 vote


  • Better for what.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,350 ★★★★
    Almost all of these champs excel at something so it’s hard to say who’s better because they’re used for different reasons.

    Gwenpool, great utility, strong bleed, some power control, heavy damage over time (dot)

    Symbiote spidey, hits hard, reliable and long armour breaks, guaranteed crit on sp2 deals high damage and can evade if awakened.

    Magik, excellent power control, sp3 is deadly to those with a lot of buffs, benefits from mystic dispersion and has some good nullify effects. Limbo can be used to undo sp3 damage too.

    Stark spidey, auto evades special attacks quite well and hits really hard.

    Quake, effective playstyle for mystics like Magik especially. Goo ability accuracy reduction and can kill opponents without touching them.

    X-23, excellent bleed with high dot very frequently stacks more bleed (up to 5 at once). Regen increases her survivability too.

    Can’t really say “who’s better” because one might be better for controlling power whilst another is better for dishing out damage. Depends on what you need or are looking for.
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