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This is getting so unbalanced



  • RonSwansonRonSwanson Posts: 1,171 ★★★★
    ahmynuts said:

    Ron you take valuable time out of your day just to reply to people dont chat lil bro

    That makes absolutely zero sense considering you're doing the same thing, and your only contributions to this thread have been about me.

    Must admit, I'm enjoying living rent free in your head, gotta say it is rather empty in here though.

    You rn

    I know right lol. Might as well invite some folks over and have a party, make some use of all this empty space in here
  • I sent all this at school lil bro but i read all the messages the guy who made this sent and i am done defending him
  • RonSwansonRonSwanson Posts: 1,171 ★★★★

    I sent all this at school lil bro but i read all the messages the guy who made this sent and i am done defending him

    And I sent all this while living life, working etc...I'm an excellent multi-tasker
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    No they just hate on anyone lower than them in game/ don’t stress it. Act 6 has been nerfed a lot and you need to really soend some time intercepting first off then practice skills. It’s not meant to just be done in an hour. You will need these skills for future content as well as monthly events and side quest if you get cav or tb you still won’t be able to do the side quest or events nothing if you can’t learn the skills. Please search mcoc act 6 easy paths and go there. It will give tou advice and champs to use for every path and easy route.

    I know you want it easy but this is needed for your future in game. Dont you want to go up in war rewards,bgs,aq,side quests etc.. you can’t do harder paths if you don’t learn the skill now. If you need any direction be surely to ask. Lots of easy path info out their but ya gotta take it slow and learn intercept and masteries,synergies,parry,dex or getting cav/tb will be done and then you still don’t have the skill to do the monthly stuff that come with it.
    Take it slow/ I know it’s annoying as hell but if you just don’t got the champs to skill it won’t work no matter the units.,be so wasteful right now. Xmas function event is coming asap as well a lot of rewards. Dont waste your units until after Xmas time. Go search what people get last year for Xmas. It’s not worth eating units on potions ever for acts revives is fine but you can stock up and get those for free too now with revive quest. Save your units or you’ll be on here in a few weeks upset you can’t enjoy Xmas event because all your units are gone. Do arenas and stock up again
  • Good for your Ron.
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