More items to buy with units

Its almost impossible to awaken a 4star champion without using real currency. Game would be more fun if more items were a little less harder to obtain.


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    Don't get me wrong, I do agree that it'll be EASIER TO AWAKEN more 4* champs using real currency, HOWEVER, it is not that hard to awaken a 4* without spending.

    I'm a F2P, per my experience, as long as we can INVEST TIME and EFFORT (yes, so we don't need to spend real currency), it is quite possible to gather 50 new 4* champs within 6 months, mostly from Arena grinding and some from PHC and 4* crystal opening

    In addition, speaking about AWAKENING, out of the 50 new champs collected within 6 months, it is possible to dup at least 30%-40% of them either via Arena grinding or crystal opening

    These are based on my past first-hand experience statistics. Once again, don't get me wrong, it took alot of time & effort. For folks who wants to continue to maintain F2P, yet don't have time to grind, then yes it'll be quite hard to awaken as many 4* champs as they want, especially those God-tier 4* champs

    Hope you get to dup those you want and have a good run of luck in your crystal opening, cheers!
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    Backjr wrote: »

    Free to play
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    If you’re having issues with 4*’s maybe get into a better ally that’s more 3 day event focused or AW focused if you want 4*’s. Good luck man
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    Awakening gems do get offered from time to time with units. A 4* awakening crystal was released for 1k units 2 months ago
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