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Have not received the units from the last 3 summoner engagement

The units that come from the 7 day objectives, I have not been receiving them. I didn’t know if it is an isolated thing, or an entire game issue.


  • From the Peak Milestone reward, or the Rank reward. (there are 2 mail msgs that come)

    Only the Peak Milestone reward one has the Units (and you only get one milestone, the Peak one your alliance has reached, not all of the milestones).

    (And not to confuse with Summoner Advancement, which does NOT have any Units in either reward. Only Engagement one has any Units).
  • ArmageddønArmageddøn Posts: 627 ★★★
    I think you are confusing "engagement" with "advancement". Based on the time of your post, we got summoner advancement rewards today it doesn't include units.
  • Chilly_OmeChilly_Ome Posts: 40
    It is the alliance one that has the units tied to it.
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