Looking for relaxed Alliance

I'm a lvl 37 summoner who has been playing for several months. Just completed the event quest on hard. I started out just playing CoC with my little dude, but he doesn't play as much anymore. I dig the game but I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of content. I'm looking for a chill alliance who can teach me some things so I can progress further. Even with juggling work, family, and other stuff, I am pretty active in the game, especially with event quests and everything else.


I also live in N. America region, if that matters.


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  • Those are just my upper lvl champions. I'm mostly just looking for an alliance with enough cool members who will be patient with me while I learn. I will pay patience back with effort and dedication. I've also completed the most recent event quest on hard and currently am on Chapter 3 of Act 3.
  • StrayPoolStrayPool Posts: 96
    If you're still looking, My alliance is hunting up players willing to keep at it - you sound like a good fit. My in game name is NotSoGrump, if you'd like to talk things over
  • DinoHCYDinoHCY Posts: 58
    Infinitum Vindices is a start up looking for 75k PI and above members to get going. If you're interested let me know @airwalker888 on LINE
  • KANG'S KLUBHOUSE (KGKH) j1vopdb3akaz.jpg
  • Shark,

    If you are still looking, Fantiddlyastic alliance [FTDTC] would welcome you. Supportive crew with a range of players. Good communication through Line. And, really, with a name like that, how can you not have fun!

    Check us out. Contact Muddylogic or PCatfish for more.

    ...and best to wherever you land.
  • Ay bro if you want a chill alliance come join us our name is KNIGHTS_OF_CYBERTRON and our tag is MVLUN
  • MagentaBluesMagentaBlues Posts: 26
    If you will use Discord come join us. The immortals I’m magentablues#7174 on discord
  • Find me on line nvrcmecomin1 or in game nvrcmecomin1. We are looking to rebuild what we have.
  • OrozconlecheOrozconleche Posts: 32
    Hey Shark,

    I"m looking to recruit people into our family of alliances. In order of rank: TD-30, !TEF!, TD-32, TD-33.
    I began in 32 and have now made myself to TEF. We would like to start you off in TD-33 where you will have the opportunity to find your way around the game and grow through our family ranks!

    PM me in game or on line @Orozconleche
    Look forward to hearing from you (:
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