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Bg scoring

I think if the opponent can't kill my defender there should be a bit more punishment, loosing like that feels rough


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    GarloGarlo Posts: 219 ★★
    You got 508 "bonus" points due to time and he was punished with 0 points. Fair for me.
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    If opponent had maybe just 10 seconds more time, might have been able to get a KO as well.
    (Yourself took nearly the entirety of time as well).

    And had they had just some few more seconds to finish it off with a KO, they would have beaten you strongly from just the Attacker Health remaining.

    Conversely, if you had just been a tiny bit faster, able to get your KO in 105 secs instead of 113, you could have won the round for yourself.

    Defender health already counts for double that of Attacker Health.
    And it does reward you for a KO, more pts for the faster it was.
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