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Alliance War Groups

My alliance had matchmaking set to 1 group for a while which was working very well. Now we’ve been forced to do all 3 groups and nothing happens if we try to reset it to 1 group. I was just wondering if anyone had an answer for this and if anyone knows how to matchmake for AW with only 1-2 groups instead of all 3. Do we have to wait for the season to reset?


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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,472 Guardian
    If there was a bug that enlisted you in a 3 BG war, even though configured to do just 1 BG.
    Then trying to reset it back to 1 BG may not be doing anything (if that is technically what you are already setup for).

    So try changing it to 2 BG first. Save it as 2. And THEN back to 1 BG, and Save.

    Also, make sure you are on the correct “IN-SEASON” vs “OFF-SEASON” tab setting when doing that.
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