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Unknown Error Message [Merged Threads; Under Investigation]



  • **** man it's not working for me either.I have android version 5.1.1
  • Please kabam fix it and give us compensation for those left modok labs.
  • I got the same. I downloaded the update yesterday, and i cant do any fights. No arena, no quests, nothing. Im on arena for starlord and i put 800.000 points in it, and cant continue.......just see the unexpected error occured massage.
    i gonna lose the chance to win him. Thank you kabam. Before the update everything works fine
  • The question is: they can fix the problem?still not working!!!!!!!Kabam pls wake up and give us an answer.
  • Please kabam do it asap we have war tomorrow.
  • Save for me and it starts a new game to where i have to go through the tutorial
  • Hey everyone, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are currently looking into this issue. Thanks to those who have gone ahead and provided your device information to us. If possible, would those experiencing this issue also be able to let us know what Quests you were in when you experienced this issue?

    I use a Samsung S5 mini . Yes I have another device (but can only play this when at home ) I can not use my phone when I'm out due to this bug. I refuse to buy a new device just for a game what I want to know and I'm sure others will want to know is.

    1) we should get compensated due to being left behind in arena and quests etc.

    2) when will this get rectified?

    3) if not rectified will you reimburse us for the money we have all spent .

    This needs to be sorted as priority as we are all falling behind.

    I did make a ticket but got told to do a system update (it's up to date) and got told to Do a trouble shoot. As your aware the problem is not on our end it's obviously your end.

    Please reply as we all want a update

    Kind regards
    Angel of d34th
  • Gbb80Gbb80 Posts: 3
    I agree with mr.mrmarston i have same problem with an unknown error occurred and i lose 168000 valor after update. Please fix it i am offline 2 days
  • PiruPiru Posts: 3
    Hey kabam. Please.... Nothingh???? 3 days ...,
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    Nytmare84 wrote: »
    I don't know about you guys, but it's working for me now. If anything they enhanced my version. Just throwing that out there.

    Got excited and rushed into game to try, but was quickly disappointed. Still not working for me :/, at least it is a sign of progress though. Gives me hope that it is getting straightened out for the rest of us

    I didn't mean to get your hopes up like that haha. Still; I hope the rest of you get this fixed soon.
  • visstilvisstil Posts: 19
    Still down, the real question is if they even work on the weekend and whether those of us with the problem will be stuck with into Monday or longer... I just hoping the one fix they did ins't the end.
  • I am afraid that we are stuck in limbo until monday as well... meaning we lose time on the 7 day arena too... great! Fingers crossed that we even get a fix :s
  • I bought a new phone the morning after the update, couldnt wait till they fix things...plus couldnt let my alliance down so I had to invest a little bit of money...wish it were different
  • Imagem do erro:
  • Imagem do erro:
  • TarifTarif Posts: 6
    I have the same problem.Please fix it asap.
  • I'm having the same issue. Kabam investigated an said issue was closed.how screwed up is that. I'm losing great rewards
  • Калам давай компенсацию 5* кристалл
  • Just 2 days passed since i updated the game and i cant play. When i enter a fight in any mode just pop up the message unknown error occured and crashes the game. I just beeing in arena for star lord, i put on it 800.000 points and cant continue.......just missed the chance to have him. Beeing an officer its very frustrating not to play when i have time. My ally need me. My name in the game: mrmarston01. I play on samsung gt s 6310 android 4.1.2. Please fix it or respond something. Before the update everything works fine.
  • SAME problem here. I cant enter any fight. PLS fix it!
  • Please kabam fix it quickly.I have reinstalled it about 10 times but still the same problem.Can't play anything.
  • Same problem since update really annoying now missing out on so much it's ridiculous
  • Since the latest update I am no longer able to connect. I’ve tried both WiFi and mobile data, doesn’t connect with either. Anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions?
  • Hi KABAM..since i was upgraded last version (3rd MCOC Anniversary)in Dec 09th 17, i can't playing the game (Story Quest, Event Quest, Arena Battle, Alliance Quest, and Alliance War).. "An unknown error has occured, please try again later", what it means?... i was cleared cache, data, uninstalled some applications, and reinstall the game until now, but it can't work too !!! i'm very disappointing with this situation, cause wasting my time !!!!! please, answer my question !!!!
  • I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 2 (Android)
  • Kabam u r making it a mess today is the arena added of 5 star shards but still u r unable to give an answer.If not then I m quitting the game
  • The 3 rd day.....still the same. No reply, no answer nothing. Just playing half a year, beeing an officer in a well groving alliance, just claimed my 100th champ......and thats it, game over? It is very disappointing, and the silence from the game team..........no words.
  • And the thing is they are investigating it but fixing the bug does not take that much time
  • GuorBjornGuorBjorn Posts: 8
    edited December 2017
    Same here, 4th day since i stopped playing because of this error.
    Kabam pls help us
  • Когда исправите проблему с боями?мы пропустили все награды
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