Who gets my Mystic R3 Gem?

Dirty_DozzDirty_Dozz Posts: 319 ★★★
Finished exploring 8.4 (and Act 8 as a whole) and got a Mystic 2-3 gem, and not sure who to use it on. Currently have 2 votes for America Chavez, 2 votes for Werewolf By Night, and 1 for Mangog (all 3 are unawakened)

Who gets my Mystic R3 Gem? 35 votes

America Chavez
SandeepSAleorGhostrunner01captain_rogersjcphillips7Wolf911WinterFieldsMessy151CyrillFromTulaUltragamerwillrun4adonutJaffa_TrongNovPotatoslice500AecynNemesis_17Hulk808 17 votes
Werewolf By Night
Talha305RajadannyrottencaptaincushPikoluNanosamaDiegog2000AzenstarIoniqus_797Trek26dee_jay5Red_Lightning0213579rebel_hyp3r05DancingPanda_14MidiGusAr418Kingering_KingThatboiCarl 18 votes


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    Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 1,761 ★★★★
    Not mangog unless you're Nagase.

    As for the other two, whoever you enjoy using more. They're both killers.
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    DancingPanda_14DancingPanda_14 Posts: 53
    Werewolf By Night
    Wolf and Chavez are beasts, I personally have a blast with both. I think doggone has a little more defensive value
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