Uncollected quest 3.1 ice lady [Not A Bug]

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I have been fighthing icelady in uncollected 3.1 and got koed without being touched as her i was using full hp magik of 12k 4 str r5 and icelady ability clearly mentioned 4500hp damage on frostbite so how is this possible that i got killed without taking any hit and lost my 12k hp magik
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  • Plz explain this im a free to play guy dont want to spend units if i dont want to on easy fights i can bait icelady i know how to fight have a decent roster of 4str r5 to counter any chmp in the game but this kind of **** are freaking me out #getting koed without even touched by opp is ridiculous. I need explanation if yall gonna fixing it or not.
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    437 per tick for 12 seconds is roughly 14k due to the node and attack boost she has
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    It’s working as intended.
  • Hey there @Ywysyeys. The previous comments are correct in that this is working correctly. It's intended to be a real challenge! I'm going to go ahead and close the thread since this isn't a Bug.
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