Keep Getting 4 Star Carnage

Is anyone getting an issue with getting the same hero everytime they open a 4-star crystal?

The last 4x 4 star crystals have been Carnage, I wouldn't mind so much but it's such a bad character too.
I mean what are the odds of pulling the same 4 times in a row?


  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    4x 4* carnage in a row, one after another? wow
    i never even had 2 of the same champs in a row
    i did dup a few, but normally not in a row,
    incidentally, the single 4* champs I dupped the most time is VENOM (got 1 from arena, awaken +1 sig from arena, and then, opened 3 venom from crystals)
  • TarlungsTarlungs Posts: 113
    It happens. Twice I've opened 2 4* crystals and gotten 2 at the same time. Once with sym spidey and once with red hulk. 4 in a row is a bit much though.
  • sfu_koraxsfu_korax Posts: 236
    My superior iron man is sig lvl 99 only because there was a time period of some months where i kept getting him from a 4star hero crystal. Heck i even pulled him from a premium i remember...
  • IksdjvanIksdjvan Posts: 238 ★★
    I've had 3 stark enhanced Spiderman 4* in a row... before that I duped Loki 3 times in a week and a half and my latest 5* was a...... that's right loki... I feel ya man
  • I've opened Miles Morales 4 times in a row. now he is sig 80 level. 3 times from 4* crystals and 1 from PHC. It was really odd.
  • caligarelinquocaligarelinquo Posts: 218
    I know what you mean, Recently I pulled Cable as a 4*, 3 times in a row. It's crazy but it does happen.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,473 ★★★★★
    Only time I’ve been close to what op got was 4 4* crystals a week apart. First two were both gwenpool. Second 2 were x23.
  • Yeah, I pulled 4 stark spiders in a row... I'm like, wtheck Kabam?!
  • VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 664 ★★
    i got two quakes in a row
  • LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 259
    I have been getting 2* from everything that isn’t a 3 star or higher crystal. So I think you’re all incredibly lucky. Most of my dupes and pulls have sucked.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    I got gamora and every other 4 star after that was a dupe of her until sig 99 it was a tough time indeed.
  • FluffyFluffy Posts: 446 ★★
    Two in a row has happened to me 1x...but one was out of a PHC, then a 4*. Never more than that though. Yikes.
  • CassyCassy Posts: 924 ★★★
    4 kamelas.
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