How to beat Ice Phoenix (Uncollected Difficulty) - The Synergy Approach

Since I had already depleted both my inventory and my item stash I was kind of desperate: How could I get out alive against Ice Phoenix and her insane Coldsnap?!

Then I remembered why I once had ranked up both my 4-star AV and VP to R5 - because of their SYNERGY! I know I once again used Stark Spidey, and yes, he's OP as hell - but IMHO this guide can work with any 4/55 champ with a solid damage output :-)

I have made a video about this which you can find here.

At the 02:15 minute mark you can find an overview of the most effective synergy setups (I have also attached a screencap to this post) - there are a few more, yes, but these are by far the most useful ones since they also contain some solid champs for lane clearing (so that you can preserve your main attacker's health for the Ice Phoenix encounter).

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