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Pure skill

I didn't see any posts in the new forum about this yet. Any update on potential changes/reimbursement for Pure Skill?


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    C0atHang3rC0atHang3r Posts: 78
    As far as I know it's "actually better than it previously was"
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    DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 19,060 Guardian
    C0atHang3r wrote: »
    As far as I know it's "actually better than it previously was"

    According to Kabam, Pure Skill is now quantitatively stronger than it was in 11.x, but the things it operates on, i.e. armor, is weaker which makes its effects less noticeable. If it works the way they imply the math to work, that's a true statement which makes tier 5 and maybe 4 not worth the cost, and they've said they are working on a way to address that, although they haven't said what that is yet.

    Anecdotal information from some players suggests Pure Skill doesn't actually work as Kabam implies it does, which could make it even worse. It is very difficult to test for this rigorously. I had to wait until Skill cores came back around because I didn't have enough to unlock tier 5. I purchased a megaton of them recently, and I'm going to try to construct a specific set of tests to see if Pure Skill is just plain broken at high armor when I can carve out the time. If it is, then it is not "better than before" even if the math says it should be, if a stacking bug or other error wipes that advantage out completely.

    I can definitely understand why people are concerned about the cost of the mastery if it doesn't do anything since it costs a ton to buy the mastery even if you are just testing it. It has been a long time since I saw a two digit number in my units display.
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