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Making old characters viable again

Heartthrob592Heartthrob592 Posts: 10
edited December 2017 in Suggestions and Requests
Would you like old characters like Luke cage to be revamped?

Making old characters viable again 12 votes

Alfa_PigeonbuffajrwSWeaponXHeroBoltsySungjSuskanutThemanofjHeartthrob592Hellstorm_My_SuperiorAwesome1_sauce 11 votes
SpiritOfVengeance 1 vote


  • Yes
    What do you mean vamped
  • Yes
    I mean revisit them and make them useful like giving Luke cage "tough it out" everutime he gains a bar of power similar to like when Magik gets limbo... Or whenever he gets a decent combo on the metre
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