No T1As in Offers, Seriously?

PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 530 ★★★
On Cyber Monday we got sold a vast number of T4Bs, but no T1As to go with them. Without T1As, they just expire.

Yesterday we got sold a bunch of 5* shards, along with all the extra 5* shards we’ve had this month, and still no T1As to rank them up.

@Kabam Miike said he heard the voice of the community and had raised this with the game team. We got a tiny discount in the glory store and no actual increase in availability.

Every day I wait for a deal containing the rarest resource in the game and am disappointed. At this point, there’s no point in buying other resources without T1As available.

Yesterday I watched a popular YouTuber rank down a R4 5* and he said - “Awesome, just look at all those T1As”. He didn’t even refer to the T2As. We’ve begged and pleaded, this is getting ridiculous.

Please note, I’m not even asking for more ways to earn them for free in the game, I’m actually asking to buy them with my child’s inheritance.

Kabam, let me make this simple. I give you money, you give me T1As. Do we have a deal?


  • You doing map 3? I get lots from map 3 crystals. Greater solo crystals have a few in them. Maybe move to an ally that runs map3?
  • Makes no sense to stifle growth by dropping maps. I actually did try that for a while tho. Didn't work out well. At this point, t1a are designed to be the bottleneck but the price drop in the glory store was a good move.
  • MisterNiceGuyMisterNiceGuy Posts: 183
    edited December 2017
    it seems counter-productive to drop to an ally running map 3 and stifle growth. But you gotta weigh that against how bad you want t1 alpha lol
  • The amount of glory and t4b I missed out on hurt me more in the long run. Was better to continue the pace and just get alpha at every opportunity for me. Others may see it differently or get more alpha from map 3, idk.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,109 ★★★
    Yeah we crunched the numbers if you run map 5 and spend all your glory on alphas it was about the same as running map 3 and spending your glory, since the alpha discount this will be no longer true, and glory from map 5 will be more efficient, it's looking more and more like their designed bottleneck but it doesn't follow logic. 5/6 of my last 4* pulls are sitting at r2. There's even an og daredevil in them, t4bs as a bottleneck and at least we would have useable characters. It's wearing me out to have to run alpha arena and normal eq with so much stuff going on this month
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