Differentiating Arena Boosts in the Stash

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Hey, I feel different arena boosts should be visually identifiable based on their duration. For example, today i had a science and skill 4 star arena boost in the stash about to expire. Now, I'm pretty OCD about letting stuff in my stash expire so I like to use it before I lose it. With that being said, the two boosts I had in the stash... I had no way to identify if it was a 15 minute or a 30 minute boost. I already had 5/5 of both in my inventory.

So I did an arena match to free up a slot, and used a 15 minute science and a 15 minute skill arena boost. And of course, the ones which were expiring were 30 minute boosts. So that was pretty annoying. Is there any way you guys can help the two become more visually identifiable? Because they look EXACTLY the same in the stash and you can't tap them for info.

Does anybody agree?


  • Haha SAME here bro.

    I always use 15-min ones in such cases, and mostly it is those ones that are expiring. But sometimes, it can be the 30-min ones and i have to use them again.

    A good method i found is that whenever you get these boosts, in the crystal vault before going in the stash, tap them and they'll show what time they are. Sometimes I forget to do this too haha.
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