The golden question. GR or DV 5 star

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After having only 2 mystics hood (R4/40 duped sig20) and Dr Strange (R3/30 unduped) out of my 51 4 stars, now I got lucky with class having pulled 3 5 star mystics in a line. Ghost rider, Dr Voodoo and then Juggs. I immediately took Ghost rider to R2/35. Then I got voodoo took him to R2/35 as well and kept juggs at R1/25. Now my dilemma is, I'm having 3 t4cc mystic. What should be my further progression with which champion. I like all 3 hood, GR and voodoo. Please help me out. GR and voodoo both are 5 stars at R2 and both are unduped.

Let me give you my brief intro. I'm 190k hero rating player. Have 2 r5s 4 stars quake and Hyperion, 15 r4 4 stars. R4 ice for triple immunity. Use hood quite often as well. Have star lord in pipeline and soon shall be r5. I have MD at 3/5. Level 55 player.
I can do master mode monthly quest from last 2 months. Completed act 4. Explored act 4 at 75% although Maestro chapter 100% explored. So as I get every enough act 4 going to be 100%. Act 5 chapter 1 completed. Rttl chapter 3 completed and at chapter 4.1. ROL not yet tried. Would like to explore act 4 100% and become uncollected soon. For that saving units. I'm at about 1000 units now. I know it's a long post but please have patience and help me out on my mystic dilemma. Thank you for having patience to read out.

The golden question. GR or DV 5 star 51 votes

Take hood R4/40 duped to R5
Carme1974 1 vote
Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
MattyloMr_PlatypusSpity68Part_time_guy1SomeoneElseRomario26vg2782buffajrAfridadqqedfyvrSuperman69Feeney234SpeedbumpExotigamusRandom_NoobGAM3RGUYKojomaotoRichiesDad79StL_SuitsGrimv717 46 votes
Take Voodoo R2 unduped to R3
Armyman300VulcanMBahamut 3 votes
Any other suggestion
Wildpants 1 vote


  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,119 ★★★
    Guys. Would really appreciate some insight into this with reasoning. Thankyou for voting.
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    Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
    Ghost Rider is part of the holy trinity. Blade, Ghost Rider and Stark spidey are the three that any player should strive to have at as max potential as possible. There is so much about GR that is so amazing, voodoo has spirit venom, that's just about it for him, I think. GR has a Regen that can be controlled by the player. He has an amazing damage output and can fight just about anyone well, especially the more troublesome cosmic and mystic champs, (venom, Hyperion, mordo).
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    Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
    I did not choose ghost rider because of this holy trinity but because of the champ he is himself so many utilities immune to bleed the regen, the bleed, the power drain, the fate seal, heal block, the power lock (and fury when you dupe him) all so useful. Some people just see him as the guy who pairs with blade but honestly before blade existed in this game me and others just loved using ghost rider in general he is one of best picks for AQ and even AW sometimes and helps a lot in questing. When Dr strange died sorry I mean became useless I always saw ghost rider as his replacement. If I had every champ duped and ready for rank 5 as a 5 star I would choose ghost rider unduped or duped just because of some of the facts that I have mentioned and out of total respect for this balanced mystical demon from hell.
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    @RichiesDad79 @SpiritOfVengeance thankyou for your perspectives. It is well taken into account. I myself love Ghost rider. But I like voodoo as well. He has regen, spirit venom just melts opponent, nice power control as well. Only thing I would say is that GR gives bleed immunity as well. And regarding all the utilities of GR, once you use up those utilities you need to go all the way to sp3 to reset all of them and then use them again. Reaching sp3 after using combo utility, heavy, sp1, sp2 becomes cumbersome. So in short I feel all the utilities can be used only once in a fight. Considering that I'm talking about medium length fights and not long fights like ROL for instance.
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    Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
    I would do GR first as I’m a much bigger fan of him than I am voodoo.
    However assuming you get no other great options between now and your next 3 T4 mystic id do that 5* voodoo second
  • Grimv717Grimv717 Posts: 84
    Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
    First off, Voodoo is amazing, and I think people are underselling him. That said, I say GR without a doubt because when they’re both unduped GR is far better. However, when both are duped Voodoo is the better champ I think, UNLESS you have Blade, then GR still has the advantage, but not everyone has him. But everyone should want Blade lol, he’s amazing. Ultimately if you hope to have Blade as an essential part of your roster you should focus on GR over Voodoo, but Voodoo is also an amazing champ on his own with or without synergies.
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    Take Ghost rider R2 unduped to R3
    GR all day every day. You will not regret it !!
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,119 ★★★
    I know GR is really great. But so is vodoo. I'm confused who out of both. If both are unduped who? And if both are duped then who? I know both are amazing voodoo needs awakening more than GR . But since so much resource goes into a champ from 5 star r2 to r3 and then r3 to r4. So in short r2 to r4. If I go with 1 out of both obviously I'll focus on that champ for r3 to r4 too instead of bringing both to r3 one after other. This is a long process and hopefully in this long process I might dupe them even both. So seeing long term perspective, which out of both 1st to upgrade. That is the real question.
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    Both unduped GR>Voodoo

    Both duped and if you have Stark S and Blade and then GR>Voodoo

    Otherwise Voodoo because his damage output if they aren't poison immune is far greater than GR.
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,119 ★★★
    Yeah that is what. I find damage output of GR not that awesome. Don't get me wrong. He is awesome. But to use all his utilities, that fight has to be long. Plus once you use utilities you need sp3 to refresh. I have MD already at 3/5. I shall try to get to 4.
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,119 ★★★
    Plus I don't have blade or sparky. But I'm planning to grind for sparky next week. But he might set a new record in arena. Can't guarantee to get him.
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