Connection problems

Connection problem again while playing game this is getting old and costing me rewards, come on guys!


  • dramaking122dramaking122 Posts: 74
    Anyone else having this problem99ye1gcp6izx.png
  • They can’t get it right and I can’t get in on 2 diff iPhones. New (X) and old (6s). When I did, it’s berserk, in a **** way. Champs go wherever they want. By no control of mine.
  • You ain’t the only dude
  • Nope...
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    yeah I'm just getting sick of this cause I spend to much money to be having more than game issues now can't even play with out connection outage ever other day
  • They are having a maintanence
  • Just dont play for the next one or two hours.
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    Its weekly mainentance time, it started 1h 20min ago and is supposed to last for 2 hours. If you read an ingame mail then you would know
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    That **** was over long time ago from when I started back playing I can read and you being a smart ass that don't know **** about what I know, cause I wouldn't be able to get on and start playing at 10pm and start having connecting problems in middle of fight when the 8pm maintenance was over
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    Couldn't get on and start when it was time for it
    So connection problem dummy
    Many time i am also facing this problem mine connection is good enough
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    Also opens crystals with battle chips 30 of them I open 10 then hit my back button accident and came back to it all gone just stole like kabam does you
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