Arena: Tips, Tricks, and Where to Start!

Hey all. So I decided to make this thread because I am interested in getting into Arena Grinding. I’m mainly just interesting in getting milestone rewards consistently, as well as some 4* and 5* shards in the process. I’m trying out the 4* Basic Arena for the first time just to see how many points I can put up. As of right now I only have three teams (I know, it’s pitiful). So far I’ve only managed to put up 1.1M in the Vulture Arena. I think at this rate I should be able to just barely make all milestones. Anyways, I would very much appreciate it if you could share any tips or tricks you may have to put up bigger numbers. Also, where should my resources be going into for arena? Which arena should I be focusing on the most? That’s about it. Thanks in advance!



  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529
    Learn how to build and maintain a infinite streak(if you don't know it already).I don't think there is anything else to it
    This is one way of doing it.

  • Update: I just hit all milestones. Still using three teams.
  • How did you hit all the milestones with just three teams?
  • How did you hit all the milestones with just three teams?

    Just got on infinite streak and did runs whenever I could. By the end I actually got 2M Points. No units or boosts used.
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